To be able to use the Moment API, you will need to request access and be given an API key/password.
Prior to requesting access be aware of these requirements and recommendations.
  • API user should not be a personalized user that might be set as quit. We recommend you have a specific user for this, e.g. "[email protected]"
  • The user must exist in your database and it must be an active and licensed user.
  • Access to the API is invoiced on a monthly basis, see more information here.

Request access to Moment API

Send your request to Moment Support with this information:
  • E-mail address of the user to be given API access.
Note! A request for access the Moment API is given for a period of one (1) year. After one year, the password is no longer valid and a new password must be requested.

How to connect to Moment API

Moment API use Basic Auth for authorization with a combination of username and password.


The username is "apikey".


Password is generated from the user account given when requesting access.
Example from Postman
See more here on how to connect using Postman.

Access to other databases.

The API access given to the user will be active on all databases the user has access to. Be careful on adding the user to databases where the user does not need access.