Real-time, two-ways Integration between 24SevenOffice and Moment

What data can be transferred with this integration?

Incoming expenses

When an invoice is finalized in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to 24SevenOffice. Each invoice will end up as a voucher in 24SevenOffice, posted in the journal.

Fields included in the invoice: invoice number, customer number, project number, invoice date, total amount including vat, financial account number.

24SevenOffice is not able to receive attachments on vouchers. If the accountant needs to see the attachments, please access Moment (you do not pay license fees for any external users in Moment).


When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to 24SevenOffice. The final customer number will be generated in 24SevenOffice and returned to Moment. Any changes on a customer will also trigger a transfer from Moment to 24SevenOffice.

Fields included: customer name, customer number, organization number, email.


When creating a new project, it will automatically be transferred into 24SevenOffice. Any changes on a project will also trigger a transfer from Moment to 24SevenOffice.

Fields included: project name, project number, customer number.

Incoming expenses

When activating this, Moment will automatically retrieve incoming expenses from 24SevenOffice. Then you can include these expenses (with attachments) when invoicing customers.

We will only retrieve expenses that have been approved and posted on a given account number. In integration settings, please specifiy which accounts you want to fetch expenses from. If there is more than one account, separate by comma. In addition, we only retrieve expenses that are posted on a project number that also exists in Moment.

Fields included: description, amount including vat, supplier name, supplier invoice number, invoice date, attachments.

Important to know

24SevenOffice is master for customer numbers. Please deactivate the customer number field in Moment (see section below). The customer number will be automatically set based on a returned number from 24SevenOffice after creation. Please keep in mind that changing customer name, organization number and email in Moment, will update customer data in 24SevenOffice. Changes in 24SevenOffice will not be returned into Moment.

Moment is master for project data. This means that the project number will be saved and used in 24SevenOffice. Do not change these numbers in 24SevenOffice, as it will not be returned into Moment.

The voucher number in 24SevenOffice will be based on the invoice number from Moment.

One-time configuration

  • Important! In Moment Setup --> General: please disable customer number field. This is because 24SevenOffice is master of customer numbers when using this integration.

  • Settings in Moment

    • Client id: fixed number that will be added on all projects in 24SevenOffice.

    • Factoring id: use this if you want all customers to appear with the same customer number in 24SevenOffice. If you don't use factoering, leave it empty.

    • If you have only one account in 24SevenOffice, you can enter your 24SevenOffice username and password, and the Identity Id will be set automatically. Important! If you have multiple accounts connected to the same username and password, you need to manually enter the Identity Id. Please contact Xledger support if you need help.

    • If you enable import expenses (from 24SevenOffice into Moment), please name the activity and choose if you want the expenses should be set as billable or not, by default.

    • Please add the email address that will receive error messages if something fails.