Fiken is a Norwegian accounting system, simple and easy to use for even the most novice user.
Moment supports API v2 from Fiken. Authorization uses OAuth2 protocol.

What data can be transferred with this integration?

When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to Fiken. Any changes on a customer will also trigger a transfer from Moment to Fiken.
Fields included: customer name, customer number, organization number, email, address fields and country code.
When creating a new project, it will automatically be transferred into Fiken. Any changes on a project will also trigger a transfer from Moment to Fiken.
Fields included: project name, project number, customer, start date.
When an invoice is finalized in Moment, it will be immediately transferred Fiken. Each invoice will create an Fiken-invoice with invoice lines, and then the invoice will be automatically posted in the journal in Fiken.
The invoice number in Moment will be set as voucher id in the accounting system. The invoice lines will be grouped according to the financial account number.
Fields included in the invoice: invoice number, description, customer number, project number, invoice date, due date, payment id, total amount including vat, your reference. The invoice will also be transferred as an attachment to Fiken.

Important to know

For the integration to work you need to order the integration (API) module from Fiken. This can be done from you application website in Fiken.
Moment = master. This means that the invoice number, customer number and project number will be transferred into Fiken. Do not change the numbers in Fiken.


Projects require a start date before these will be transferred to Fiken.


  • Since Moment is not able to define invoice number in Fiken, make sure your invoice series used in Moment and Fiken is the same. Moment will use next available invoice number in Fiken. The invoice number generated in Moment it saved as reference on the invoice.
  • Bank account used in Moment is required to exist in Fiken. Make sure this is in place.

One-time configuration

  • In Moment: Go to Setup > Settings > Integrations and add Fiken as an integration. Add the following information:
    • Company code - taken from URL when logged in to Fiken
      • Fiken now will authenticate you before it can be activated.
    • Click on the authenticate button to start authentication vs Fiken.
      • The authentication will result in a login dialog where the user must log in.
      • As part of the log in process, Moment will be given access to Fiken
      • When authentication is done Moment is able to transfer data.
  • Please make sure your account numbers and vat codes are equal in Moment and Fiken.
  • Note! Fiken also requires a bank account connected to the invoice. The integration will check if the bank account stated on the invoice in Moment exists in Fiken, if this does not exist - the bank account will be created/added in Fiken.
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