What data can be transferred with this integration?

Incoming expenses
When an invoice is finalized in Moment, it will be immediately transferred Fortnox. Each invoice will create an Fortnox-invoice with invoice lines, and then the invoice will be automatically posted in the journal in Fortnox.
The invoice number in Moment will be set as voucher id in the accounting system. The invoice lines will be grouped according to the financial account number. If you finalize a credit note, it will contain the corresponding invoice number.
Fields included in the invoice: invoice number, description, customer number, project number, invoice date, due date, payment id, total amount including vat, your reference, their reference.
Attachments (pdf file and other attachments that has been sent to the customer) will also be transferred into Fortnox, together with the invoice.
When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to Fortnox. Any changes on a customer will trigger a transfer from Moment to Fortnox.
Fields included: customer name, customer number, organization number, email, address fields and country code.
When creating a new project, it will automatically be transferred into Fortnox. Any changes on a project will trigger a transfer from Moment to Fortnox.
Fields included: project name, project number, start date, end date, project status.
If the project start date is missing in Moment, the project's create date will be used.
When activating this, Moment will automatically retrieve incoming expenses (supplier invoice) from Fortnox. Then you can include these expenses when invoicing customers.
We will only retrieve expenses that have been approved and posted on a given account number. In addition, we only retrieve expenses that is posted on a project id that also exists in Moment.

Important to know

Moment = master. This means that the invoice number, customer number and project number will be transferred into Fortnox. It is not possible to change these numbers in Fortnox.
This integration requires that you enable the project module in Fortnox.
In order to transfer an expense, it is required that the belonging project must have a start date in Fortnox. If start date is not set on the project in Moment, Moment will transfer the project's create date instead.
The integration checks for new expenses every 10 minute.

One-time configuration

    In Fortnox, get your Authorization-Code. You find this in Fortnox: Company settings > Administrera Anvandare > Legg til integration. Search for Moment Team (if not found, search for ptbJ2cPJ4YDS). When the integration is added in Fortnox, copy the Authorization-Code that you see on the screen. Then go to Moment: Setup > Settings > Integrations. Choose Fortnox from the list, and paste the Authorization-Code in the first field and save.
    If you disable the integration in Moment, you have do follow the procedure mentioned above when you want to re-enable. This is because the Authorization-Code can only be used once.
    If you want to import expenses, please decide if you want all expenses to be set as billable be default. This can be overridden on the price model on each project, or for each expense when invoicing.
    Please make sure your account numbers and vat codes are equal in Moment and Fortnox.
    Please add the email address that will receive error messages if something fails.
Last modified 7mo ago