Real-time, two-ways Integration between Tripletex and Moment

What data can be transferred with this integration?

Incoming expenses
Export expenses (beta)
When an invoice is finalized in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to Tripletex. Each invoice will create an order with order lines, and then the invoice will be automatically posted to the accounting system.
The voucher (in the journal in Tripletex) will automatically get a voucher id that consists of current year + invoice number from Moment (for example 2020-1014)
Fields included: invoice number, invoice description, customer number, project number and project leader (if project module is enabled in Tripletex), invoice date, due date, payment id (kid), total amount including vat, your reference. Each invoice line will have text, amount, financial account, product type (hours, product, etc.).
Attachments are currently not transferred to Tripletex. If the accountant needs to see this kind of documentation, please access Moment (external users are free in Moment).
VAT codes must be configured in Tripletex prior to activating the integration. If this is not configured, the integration will fail with "Ugyldig mva-kode" when attempting to transfer invoices.
When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to Tripletex. Any changes on a customer will also trigger a transfer from Moment to Tripletex.
Fields included: customer name, email, phone, and address fields.
When an invoice is transferred from Moment to Tripletex, we will also transfer the customer, just in case there has been changes on customer data.
When creating a new project, it will automatically be transferred into Tripletex. Any changes on a project will also trigger a transfer from Moment to Tripletex.
Fields included: project number, project name, project leader (minimum one employee must be set on the project in Moment. The first employee with role "project leader" will be transferred.).
This feature is only available if you have purchased the "Komplett package" that includes the project module in Tripletex.
When activating this, Moment will automatically retrieve incoming expenses from Tripletex. Then you can include these expenses (with attachments) when invoicing customers.
We will only retrieve expenses that have been approved and posted on a given account number. In integration settings, please specify which accounts you want to fetch expenses from. If there is more than one account, separate by comma. In addition, we only retrieve expenses that is posted on a project id that also exists in Moment.
Multiple times a day Moment check for expenses 30 days back in time in Tripletex. We make sure you don't get duplicates in Moment. The reason we check 30 days, is because a posted date can be different from voucher/invoice date. Please read the "Important to know" section below.
Fields included: description, amount including vat, supplier name, supplier invoice number, invoice date, attachments.
Remember to activate "Elektroniske bilag" (in Tripletex) in order to fetch the attachments for each expense.
This feature is only available if you have purchased the "Komplett subscription" that includes the project module in Tripletex.
You need to enable the project module in Tripletex in order to use this integration. The employee in Moment must have a external employee number from Tripletex, added in Moment.
For each claim, we transfer: Date and time from, Date and time to, employee number, project id, description, In the description field, we prefix with the Claim number from Moment. That will make it traceable back to Moment, when necessary.
Inside a claim, you can many entries. We transfer: amount, vat code, vat percentage

Known issues

Important to know

Moment = master.
    The order number in Tripletex will be based on invoice number in Moment.
    The project number given in Moment will be set as the project id in Tripletex. Do not change this in Tripletex.
    The customer number given in Moment will be set as the customer id in Tripletex. Do not change this in Tripletex.
    If you want to fetch expenses from Tripletex into Moment: Moment checks posted expenses with voucher date 30 days back in time. We make sure to avoid duplicates in Moment.
    In Moment integration setup, you can set a from-date, to make sure that Moment will never fetch expenses before that date. This can be useful when activating the integration, in cases where you have manually entered expenses into Moment within the latest 30-days period.
    Each project in Moment should have a project manager in the project team, because this is required when transferring a project into Tripletex. If there are more than one project manager in sat Moment, the first person will be picked. Each project manager must have their Tripletex employee id registered in Moment. You should make sure you have defined a default project manager id in case it is missing on an employee in Moment. See section "One-time configuration" in the bottom of this page.
Currency: Invoices in other currency will be transferred to Tripletex with the amount in the currency used in the invoice. Tripletex will use their exchange rate to calculate the amount in NOK. Moment and Tripletex might show different values due to exchange rate used. This is by design in Tripletex. Moment can not send the amount in NOK. Tripletex is getting exchange rates twice a day, at 06:10 and 18:10 from Norges Bank API
Error handling: if an error has occurred while transferring an invoice to Tripletex, you are likely to get message "order number already exists", when retrying the transfer. Then you need to go into Tripletex and delete the order in order to re-try to transferring the invoice.
Packages: If you want to include project data, you need "Komplett package" in Tripletex. If you have purchased the "Standard package", that does not include the project module in Tripletex, you have to tick off the option (include project) in integration settings in Moment. The integration will fail if these settings are not set up correctly.

One-time configuration

    In Tripletex: get your API-user with a API-key. Please contact Tripletex support for questions. This API-key must be entered in Moment integration setup.
    In Tripletex: make sure API 2.0 is ticked "on" in company settings
    In Tripletex under invoice settings: make sure "Send invoice to company via" is set to "Email". If set to EHF, Tripletex will only allow customers that can receive EHF being created.
    In Moment: make sure you select "include projects" if you have purchased the project module in Tripletex. The integration will fail if this does not match.
    If you want to use rounding on invoices, then this must be turned on in Tripletex under invoice settings. Check the box for rounding (øreavrunding) under the invoices/orders/offers section.
    In Tripletex, tick off "Has tax-exempt sales inside the VAT Act (Norway)" (NO: "Har avgiftsfri omsetning innenfor mva-loven (innland)") under Company > Company information > Global MVA-settings. Otherwise you will not be able to transfer invoices with Vat code 5.
    In Moment's integration settings, you should specify a default project manager id (employee id in Tripletex). If a project manager is not set on a project in Moment, this value will be used when transferring this project. This wil avoid a lot of errors when transferring projects to Tripletex.
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