Validation failed - Kunden kan ikke motta EHF-dokumenter

All customers transferred from Moment is added as company customers in Tripletex. Check the setting for electronic invoices: Invoices > Settings > Electronic invoice/reminder/order
Send invoice to company via should be set to "Email". The customer can be defined to send using EHF on customer details or be set as private person if needed.

Validation failed - Ugyldig mva-kode

Invoices exported from Moment is sent with the account number defined in Moment to Tripletex. These accounts must be set up correctly in Tripletex prior to invoices being exported. If the account has not been configured correctly it will result in this type of error.
Make sure the Number and VAT rate (VAT code) is the same in Tripletex and Moment. Also make sure the Inactive checkbox is unchecked.
  • Number = Account number
  • VAT code = Vat percentage (The VAT code selected has a defined percentage, this must be the same as in Moment)
Account VAT code is not required when using Tripletex integration.