Purchase and re-invoice products from ambita directly in Moment.
Ambita is a map provider which enables you to select a project address by address, city, place, matrikkel id or name (person).

Setting up Moment to use Ambita

  • Ensure the default map provider is Ambita (Setup > Settings > General > Map)
  • Navigate to Setup > Settings > Integrations.
  • Press + Add integration, select Ambita.
  • Fill in Configuration fields
  • Expense activity: Default activity name that an expense will be assigned to. If the activity does not exist in the project, it will be created.
  • Billable expenses. If the expenses will be receive the status billable or non billable when created. If you want to re-invoice the customer the checkbox must be checked.
  • Emails for notifications: Sometimes Ambita has issues delivering the product to your project, in which case you'll be notified via these emails.
  • Description: Any comments you want to add about the integration itself.
  • You may also need to contact ambita to inform them that you are using Moment, see
Once this has been saved you can add a project address by searching through the Ambita map box itself.

Selecting a project address through the map and loading the products list

To select an address, navigate to the selected project's main page and scroll down to the map address itself. If you see google maps here instead of Ambita, change the default map provider under Setup > Settings > General > Map. Note if the project already has an address outside of Norway, google maps will appear. Change the address to Norway.
In the example below I've searched using Oslo city hall's address, Rådhusplassen 1. You can also search with other means, such as matrikkel 0301/209/339/0/0. Once you've confirmed the address is correct you can press select property. It may take a second or two for Moment to receive the correct address from Ambita.
Once the address has been selected you will have access to two new buttons next to the project address: Map with plans and Products.
Map with plans will navigate you to the Maps tab of the project, with a full size option available as well as options to show Kommuneplaner and Reguleringsplaner.
Products will navigate you to the Project > Maps > Map products page and show you a list of products associated with the selected address that Ambita has available. Also recently added is the option to purchase 3D models of the selected address via the button Digitale kart og 3D-modeller.
Overview of map products available for 0301/209/339/0/0 (Rådhusplassen 1. 0037 OSLO)
If you don't see the list of Map products and you instead see the following page and you are an Ambita customer already please contact support and we will help you get registered properly.
Registering as an Ambita customer. If you are already a customer please contact support

Adding and purchasing map products

To purchase map products through Ambita, add items to your cart using Bestill. Any questions regarding the contents of the items should be addressed towards Ambita Infoland support.
Once all the items have been added to the cart confirm your purchase using "Brekreft kjøp".
Purchasing a matrikkelkart in Moment using Ambita

Retrieving purchased products

Once you've placed an order a project expense will immediately appear in the project which can be re-invoiced the customer like any other expense.
The purchased item itself will appear under Project > Files with a link to download after a short time, but it may take as long as 3 days depending on the product in question. If the item has not appeared please contact Moment support.
Link to download the purchased product
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