First time login in Moment for new users

This short guide will tell you how to login to Moment for the first time.

First steps

ADMIN: Administrators must verify that all emails that are registered under employees in Moment are correct.

The easiest way to verify this is to og through > co-workers > report and check that the emails in the list correspond with active emails in your company. This is inherently important considering this is where the employee will receive their password.

The same applies for phone numbers for each employee as they will be needed for 2-step verification.

You log in here:

Fill in username (email adress registered in Moment). If you do not have a password available when trying to log in then view the steps below to see how.

  • Press > forgot password

  • Write > email adress registered in moment

  • Type > 6 digit code that will come to your phone as an SMS.

    • If you do not receive an SMS then choose email for the 2-step verification and it will be sendt to your email.

Nice to know

Access control in Moment:

For access control contact your administrator. Admin can regulate access control through > co-workers> find the employee> settings > access

Rule of thumb: for an employee to log hours on projects, view assigned projects and limit editing possibilities on other projects you must tick-off the three user rights as depicted below:

This introduction should enable you to log in to Moment.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team as you commence using our system, you can contact us via email, phone or chat.