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Here you can define different personal settings that only apply for your personal user in Moment.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Moment mailing list
In Moment, it is possible to show/hide your birthday from view for others. (This setting is "hide" by default)
When this is active, all other employees in the company will see that your birthday is approaching, and also show the day itself when on the date on their My overview-page.
When this is deactivated, nothing will show on other people's overview. (Only users with relevant accesses will be able to see your date of birth in your employee card.) This is how it will be shown in the overview:
Old "My overview"-version
New "My overview"-version
  • Show only active activities in timesheet: This setting hides activities that have been set as finished. You can use this if you want to de-clutter your timesheet options for projects with many finished activities
  • "Show quick hours input in a timesheet" and "options for quick hours input in a timesheet": This setting allows you to have an option for quick input of hours in your timesheet. The second option allows you to select the intervals in which these quick hours will be set in the timesheet. These input intervals can be set as a comma separated list with minutes, such as 15, 30, 60.
When enabled, these quick hours input will be available on the right side of your timesheet (marked in red)
This setting allows you to set the formatting for hours in project, hours and time balance. The choices are:
This setting enables a time that you will be able to start and to stop in the bottom right of your screen. I you wish to use it, check the option for "enable" and then save your settings. Then you can see the timer in your screen:
The timer will count the time spent while doing a specific activity in Moment. If you click stop, this will give you the opportunity to register hours based on the time intervall for during which the timer was activated.
Keyboard shortcuts allow for a simplification of your workflow by binding certain keys in your keyboard to perform certain actions that would otherwise require several clicks. You will also find the screenshot below by clicking on the (?) button.-
This setting allows you to change the language in Moment. Based on the language selected, the news letters sent out by Moment and Milient will be either in Norwegian (if selected), or in English (for all other options). Currently, the only language options supported in Moment are:
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Icelandic
Here you can enable three different methods for logging in Moment once you sign out.
  • E-mail: Will be sent to the e-mail address defined by your admin in your user settings
  • SMS: Code for logging in will be sent to the phone number defined in your user settings
  • Use Google Authenticator: This enables you to use a code from the Google Authenticator App. Instructions on how to set this up will be shown in Moment when you select this
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