Travel & Expense
Information on how to use the travel & expense module.
The travel and expense modules allows the resources to register travel expenses and financial expenses. With this module you have control on expenses.

Enable Travel & Expense

To be able to use Travel & Expense the module must be enabled. To enable the module go to Setup > Settings > General. Only users with access to this menu item can enable/disable the module. Be aware, this module is not available in the Start plan.
Once enabled, the option "Travel & Expense" will become available under "My pages". The module contains four menu items, these are described below.
New expense
Clicking on the menu item "Travel & Expense" or the sub item "New expense" will open the page as shown in the screenshot above. Here there are two options for making a new registration.
  • Submit a travel expense claim
  • Submit an expense claim
Select the type of claim that is correct for your needs.
The claims menu item is an overview of all claims. These are shown according to their status, change status by clicking in the "My travels and expenses" section. Your options are
  • Draft - claims that has been started on, but not submitted.
  • Waiting for review - claims that has been submitted, awaiting review.
  • Approved - claims that has been reviewed and approved.
  • Paid out - finalized claims, these have been paid out
  • Rejected - any submitted claims that was found to contain errors or missing information.
Claim templates are also to be found here, in the section "Templates" further down. Here the options are:
  • My personal templates - templates for personal use only
  • My shared templates - templates that are shared so any co-worker can use
  • Company templates - templates defined by the company
  • Shared by others - templates other co-workers have shared
There might also be a section here named "Reviewing and refunding". This section is visible for those with access to these tasks. The options here are:
  1. 1.
    Ready for review - claims submitted by resources
  2. 2.
    Ready to be paid out - claims that are approved and can be paid out
  3. 3.
    Paid out - contains all claims that has been paid out.
The inbox menu item shows what's been added to the inbox. Inbox is where any photos taken with our mobile app will appear.
Each uploaded file/photo will have three option buttons available in the bottom right corner. These are
  • New travel expense claim
  • New expense claim
  • Delete
To upload files/photos use our mobile app, this is available for Android and iOS.
By clicking the Report menu item there are options to get reports of claims.
The content of the reports depends on the level of access the user has.

How to use

Submitting a travel & expense claim

Go to My Pages > Travel & Expense > Home and click "Submit a new travel expense" or "Submit an expense claim". Then add a short description. In the next window click "add expense" and then add the duration (if travel expense), the project to which this expense is part of and finally the amount and currency. If you want this expense to be part of a project's expenses click "bill the customer". Finally click "submit for approval"


One can easily add attachments to a claim entry using files that have been uploaded to the inbox. These are shown to the right. To add a file, just drag and drop the file from the inbox onto the claim entry.
On can also drag and drop files from a claim to the inbox, if it was mistakenly added to the wrong claim entry.

Approving and refunding an expense claim

To approve expense claims, click on the claim. Then proceed to review and approve each claim. In order for the expenses to be registered as billable costs make sure to tick this box:
Once you have approved the expense. You can set it as "paid" whenever the amount is refunded to the co-worker.

Travel & Expense settings

In order to use the travel & expense module you have to set someone to be responsible for reviewing, as well as responsible for refunding. This can be the same person, multiple people or different people for either of the fields.
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Approving and refunding an expense claim
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