Travel & Expense

Information on how to use the travel & expense module.

The travel and expense functionality allows you to register travelling and financial expenses. This module allows you to control your own and co-worker's expenses.

First you need to enable the module under setup > settings > general

Enable the travel & expense module.

When the module has been activated, you can go to "My Pages" > Travel & Expense > Home and you will see the following tab:


Here you will be able to see your expenses as part of a workflow. This will include expenses with the status "Draft", "Waiting for Review", "Approved", "Paid Out", "Rejected"


This tab will show you the attachments that you have uploaded to Moment.


This tab allows you to see a report of submitted and refunded claims for co-workers depending on the user's level of access control in Moment.

Submitting a travel & expense claim

Go to My Pages > Travel & Expense > Home and click "Submit a new travel expense" or "Submit an expense claim". Then add a short description. In the next window click "add expense" and then add the duration (if travel expense), the project to which this expense is part of and finally the amount and currency. If you want this expense to be part of a project's expenses click "bill the customer". Finally click "submit for approval"

Approving and refunding an expense claim

To approve expense claims, click on the claim. Then proceed to review and approve each claim. In order for the expenses to be registered as billable costs make sure to tick this box:

Once you have approved the expense. You can set it as "paid" whenever the amount is refunded to the co-worker.

Travel & Expense settings

In order to use the travel & expense module you have to set someone to be responsible for reviewing, as well as responsible for refunding. This can be the same person, multiple people or different people for either of the fields.