Moment offers map components made by Google and Ambita.

For architects and engineers, the default map provider for project map is Ambita. This option is open for everyone. If you want to change project map provider, you can change this here: Setup > Settings > General (scroll down to Map). For customer map and project overview map, Moment always uses Google maps.

What is project map from Ambita?

The map provided by Ambita gives you the opportunity to:

  • Search for a property by looking up address, city, place, matrikkel id, name (person).

  • Navigate in fullscreen map with your chosen layers

  • See borders between properties

  • See details for each property, such as unique id, topography, owners, type (building, road, park and more)

  • Save the correct adress and cadastre id (matrikkel id) directly to your project in Moment. This unique id gives more opportunities when it comes to usage of other services provided by Ambita or the Norwegian government, such as building application, plan, products and more.

The map is only available if the project address is in Norway. For projects outside Norway, Moment automatically switch to Google maps.

Look up Rådhusplassen 1, Oslo with the Ambita map component

Look up Rådhusplassen 1, Oslo with Google maps