Price model: Subscription

The price model Subscription is used when you are invoicing the same amount to a customer regularly. A good example would be rental of office space. Very often this is invoiced every three months, along with other products, such as a lunch package for example. To this purpose subscriptions are a good price model to have.
To enable subscriptions, go to setup > settings > general. The settings look like this:
After you have enabled subscriptions. Go to a project and the setup and choose or create a new price model. Then, choose the price model Subscription and click on +Add subscription
A finished subscription price model would look like this:
A subscription price model.
These are the settings:
Period duration
From date
Until date
Unit price in
Unit price out
Invoicing in advance/afterwards
If you already have added products, you can choose one of those. If so, the title and unit price is retrieved from what you added in the product. If you don’t want to use a product you already have added, just leave it blank.
How long one subscription period lasts. If the customer is supposed to be invoiced once a month, you put in 1, if they are supposed to be invoiced every 6 months you put in 6.
The title on the invoice line.
You enter the date the subscription starts.
You enter the date the subscription stops. You leave this blank if you don’t know when the subscription stops.
The quantity of subscriptions. The total price is the unit price times the quantity.
The cost of the product
The price that will be invoiced
Discount percentage for the subscription
When the payment will appear under “To be invoiced”. If you e.g. add 01.06.2017 in from date, and add 10 days in advance, the payment will show up under “To be invoiced” 21.05.2017.
If you want to have more than one subscription on a project, you just click on +Add subscription once again.
If you choose a product, and have created a price list for that, you also have the opportunity to choose that. This is useful if e.g. the unit price is different from month to month. In that case, the unit price in the subscription is retrieved automatically from the price list, and you don’t have to do any manually changes in the subscription. Should the price change in the middle of a subscription period, that is not a problem. We calculate the correct price based on how many days there is one price, and how may days you have a different price.