Project Plan features

Timeline and activity progression

At the top you will find an overview of the progress in your activities. This will show a graphical display of the percentage of hours registered as a share of the total amount of hours planned.
If you do not plan any hours, the project plan will display a progress of 100%. This is due to the fact that given that no hours are planned Moment takes all the hours registered on the activity as the actual hours meant to be worked on the activity.
Another thing to take into account, depending on the starting and finishing date you have set on the activity, the light blue progress bars will shift position on the calendar accordingly.

Adding an unkown or undecided co-worker

Sometimes it is necessary to plan hours but you have no certainty on who exactly will be able to perform the work on an activity. In the project plan you can set up an undecided co-worker. This will help you keep track of future work which has not been delegated to any co-workers in particular.
You can start by first adding the undecided co-worker as part of the project by clicking to the "add co-worker icon" right of the "total hours".
Then, you can add the co-worker on the specific activity and start planning the hours.

Creating forecasts with the project plan

Moment allows you to create snapshots of the progress in your projects. These snapshots take into account planned hours vs registered hours, along with profit rates.
If timesheets have not been locked, or the profit rate has not yet reached the desired level, Moment will allow you to confirm a forecast, but not before you write a comment. This can be special