Project Report

In this article we will go through the Projects Report. This report gives a quick overview of key indicators for each of your reports including hours worked, total costs, invoiced amounts and total revenue.
This report works the same way as any other report in Moment, with default columns and the possibility to add or remove more columns to the report. There is also the possibility to change the time intervals for the report.
A few more filter options are worth mentioning: you can filter your report by Project Tags, depending on the way you have set your tags, this will allow you to select a very specific cross section of your projects if needed. You can read more about Project Tags here.
You can also search for specific projects in the "search field".
It is also possible to limit your view to projects with a certain type of price model. See picture below:

Default columns and explanations

In this section we will explain the meaning of the columns available in the project report under "show columns"
Due to the large amount of data retrieved by this report, it might take a while before this report loads properly. We strongly recommend you to select a default view that contains a smaller amount of data for this report.
Export Status
Shows the export status of the specific project (If export of projects is enabled in the database)
Comparing Comments
Retrieves commentary from the project plan. The specific text is the commentary written when confirming forecast
Project plan last confirmed (PPLC)
Date for confirmation of forecast in the Project Plan
Billable Expenses
Show the amount of billable expenses in the project (limited to the period defined in the filter)
Remaining to invoice
Amount left to be invoiced depending on estimates defined on the price models. For example, if you have a fixed price plan on a project, and you have 5000 GBP to invoice left, then this amount should be displayed in the column. This will also include amounts specified on price models created from offers.
Contrib. margin ratio in total
Income minus costs, the product is then divided by the sales income. This gives the Contribution Margin Ratio (%). This column will show the Contrib Margin Ratio as a total for the projects's entire lifespan
Average Salary per Hour
Average salary for the project. Can be confirmed by looking at the true cost defined on each co-worker in the project.
Average Salary per hour (Total)
Same as above, only that is shows the amount for the projects total lifespan. Independent of the period defined (if no hours registered yet, the filter will not render the project in the report)
Income for hours in period
Income calculated by taking all billable hours registered in the project and multiplying them by their corresponding hourly rate. The amount displayed will vary depending on the date used in the filter
Income hours Total
Total amount of billable hours multiplied by the hourly rate
Last invoice date
Date for the last invoice sent from the project
Product sales purchase price total
Total sum of purchase price on product sales from the project. The sum can be checked by seeing the product sales report in project > product sales
Product sales purchace price
Same as "product sales purchase price total" but limited to the date on the filter
Product sales price out in total
Total amount invoiced from product sales in the project. If empty, then it means that nothing has been invoiced from product sales in the period.
Product sales price out
Total amount invoiced from product sales in the project in the selected period
Estimated profit %
Percentage of the income in the project that is pure profit. Calculated based on planned hours, planned costs, budgeted expenses as set up in the Project Plan.
Size of the project as defined on the project's main page
Expected profit
Expected profit, defined on the project's main page
Status Comment
Comment regarding the status on the project. Is defined on the project's main page
when the project was created
The project's currency. Used when invoicing customers
Billable hours
Amount of billable hours in the selected period
Billable hours total
Total amount of billable hours, independent of the selected period
Employee True Cost
Total amount of ETC in the selected period
Employee True Cost total
Total amount of ETC, independent of the selected period
Last confirmed forecast, hours (LCFH)
The amount of hours from the last confirmed forecast in the project plan.
Estimated hours on tasks
Hours that have been estimated on tasks in the specific project
Unpaid invoices
Number of unpaid invoices on the project. If an invoice has been partially paid, it will still count as unpaid
Fees invoiced in total
Fees as defined on price models. This will show all fees, independent of period. Expenses and products are not included.
Invoiced incl. VAT
Sum is calculated by looking at all invoices sent from the project. Based on the period selected on the filter. VAT included.
Outstanding amount
Currency value og all unpaid invoices on the specific project.
Hourly rate invoiced (period)
Value of all hours worked in the project. Moment will calculate this by looking at the total sum invoiced on the project (both fixed price and hourly rate price model) and divide this by the total amount of hours worked
Expected profit rate %
Expected profit rate as a percentage, defined on the project's main page.
Invoiced minus accrued fee (period)
This calculates the value of the hours needed on a fixed price model in order to match the specified fee. Useful if you want to see that your fixed price models are costing you more than they are bringing in. For example: A price model that has specified a fee of 10000 NOK but has the value of this hours set at 1500 each, if you work 5 of these hours the "alternate cost" of this hours would be 7500. The report will then display a value of -2500, meaning that if you work more hours than estimated, then you would be losing money on a fixed price, since invoicing hourly would give you more revenue.
Invoiced excl. VAT
Everything invoiced in the project without VAT
Invoiced incl. VAT
Everything invoiced in the project included VAT
Fees invoiced
All fees invoiced in the project, except from expenses and products. Limited to the
Contribution margin
Income minus other costs. Limited to the period selected in the filter
Comparing forecast, profit (CFP)
When using forecast in the project plan. Compares profit with the last confirmed forecast
Billable expenses in total
Value of all billable expenses on the project. Limited to the period chosen in the filter
Contribution margin total
Income minus salary and other costs as a total for the project. Total.
Hourly rate invoiced total
Hourly rate invoiced as a total in the project. Total invoiced amount, divided by the total amount of hours worked
Invoiced minus accrued fee (total)
Same as "Invoiced minus accrued fee (period)
Last confirmed forecast, profit (LCFP)
Last confirmed forecast for profit based on planning in the project plan. Takes into account actual worked hours
Estimated hours in offer
Displays estimated hours if project is created or has an offer with estimated hours
Comparing forecast hours (CFH)
Hours in the forecast in the period defined in the report. Requires that you confirm the forecast in the project plan. Total amount of locked, used and planned hours is displayed
Comparing progress (CP)
Progress since last forecast in the period defined in the report (requires use of confirming forecast in the project plan)
Hours in total
All hours registered in the project, independent of billable status. Displays a total for the entire project's lifespan.
Completion rate
Looks at all estimated hours on the project and compares them to the total amount of hours registered.
To be invoiced
All that is set in "to be invoiced" for the specific project in the period defined in the filter
Currency defined in the projects main page
Subscriptions purchase price
Purchase price for input products associated with subscriptions.
Subscriptions purchase price in total
Same as above, but total for the entire project's lifespan
Overdue invoices
Shows the amount of overdue invoices on the project
Last invoice date
Shows when the project was invoiced last time
Shows the status of the project
Price model
Shows the price models registered on the project. If there are more than one, these will be separated by a comma.
This column shows the project's expected end date. Be aware that specifying an end date for the project does not close the project or automatically close the project on completion.
Estimated hours
Displays the amount of estimated hours on the project's activities
Hours (period)
Total amount of hours registered on the project in the specified period
Billable expenses
Shows the total amount of billable expenses registered on the project
Remaining to invoice (Total)
Amount left to invoice. This number is calculated based on the amounts defined on each price model
Estimated costs
Estimated costs from the project plan. Depending on the hourly rates defined and the amount of hours planned on the project
Estimated profit
Takes income from planned hours and costs from planned costs (hours, expenses etc)
Amount of registered and invoiced expenses on the project on the specified period
Expenses in total
Same as expenses, but shows the total amount independent of filter choices
Rest of estimated hours
Amount of hours estimated on activities minus registered hours. Will show how many hours you have left to work in the activities. Shown as a total for the entire project
Fee estimate (total)
Total amount specified on payment plan for fixed price models and hourly rates. This is retrieved from the price model. Total for the whole project
Invoiced in price models
Amount invoiced in Moment that is directly retrieved from what has been invoiced from the price models
Stated progression
Editable field that allows to edit the estimated progression of the project
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