Project Report

In this article we will go through the Projects Report. This report gives a quick overview of key indicators for each of your reports including hours worked, total costs, invoiced amounts and total revenue.
This report works the same way as any other report in Moment, with default columns and the possibility to add or remove more columns to the report. There is also the possibility to change the time intervals for the report.
A few more filter options are worth mentioning: you can filter your report by Project Tags, depending on the way you have set your tags, this will allow you to select a very specific cross section of your projects if needed. You can read more about Project Tags here.
You can also search for specific projects in the "search field".
It is also possible to limit your view to projects with a certain type of price model. See picture below:

Default columns and explanations

In this section we will explain the meaning of the columns available in the project report under "show columns"
Due to the large amount of data retrieved by this report, it might take a while before this report loads properly. We strongly recommend you to select a default view that contains a smaller amount of data for this report.
Export Status
Comparing Comments
Project plan last confirmed (PPLC)
Billable Expenses
Remaining to invoice
Contrib. margin ratio in total
Average Salary per Hour
Average Salary per hour (Total)
Income for hours in period
Income hours Total
Last invoice date
Product sales purchase price total
Product sales purchace price
Product sales price out in total
Product sales price out
Estimated profit %
Expected profit
Status Comment
Billable hours
Billable hours total
Employee True Cost
Employee True Cost total
Last confirmed forecast, hours (LCFH)
Estimated hours on tasks
Unpaid invoices
Fees invoiced in total
Invoiced incl. VAT
Outstanding amount
Hourly rate invoiced (period)
Expected profit rate %
Invoiced minus accrued fee (period)
Invoiced excl. VAT
Invoiced incl. VAT
Fees invoiced
Contribution margin
Comparing forecast, profit (CFP)
Billable expenses in total
Contribution margin total
Hourly rate invoiced total
Invoiced minus accrued fee (total)
Last confirmed forecast, profit (LCFP)
Estimated hours in offer
Comparing forecast hours (CFH)
Comparing progress (CP)
Hours in total
Completion rate
To be invoiced
Subscriptions purchase price
Subscriptions purchase price in total