Template projects

In this article we will explain template projects and how to use this feature that can be very useful for Moment users
Template projects are mainly used to copy activities (with all the information that can be added in the editing of each activity) You can also copy the price models (separate checkbox for that) - but only the price models that are connected to the activities that are included. You can copy activities, team members and price models both when creating a new project (the module that is opened through the + new project button) and from the activities page ( separate button that appears there to copy activities etc from the template projects)
You'll see all Template projects in the Projects overview, where you also can filter to see only Template projects. So, when you want to edit a template, you just have to go to the Projects overview page, click on the Template project you want to edit, and add changes eg. in the Activities page (or for team members, price models, etc.)
All Template projects will have a label and a background/text which indicates that they are templates. You can also make new ones or edit the existing ones on the main page of the project. There you can also select which Template project will be default.
When creating a new project, it will look something like this (see screenshot below) where you can select a Template project and then choose if you want to include team members, price models and activities. Information that has been added to activities in Template projects will automatically be copied (Hours alerts, descriptions, etc.)