Non-conformities are a framework for continuous improvement. If you register them consistently in Moment, the program will give you the tools to monitor and address areas of concern.

Registering non-conformities

Non conformities can be registered in Moment from several places.
These can be registered from:
  • Projects (under quality > checklist)
  • From tasks (bottom right corner)
  • Or from your timesheet
The purpose of this is that it should be a low threshold to register non-conformities so that errors, small or minor can be easily corrected in order to learn from them.

Registering tasks from non-conformities

Non-conformity templates

In order to make the registration of non-conformities, you can create standard templates. These can be used over and over again. If it is necessary, these templates can also be altered to reflect different degrees of relevancy or importance
In the video above you can see the different fields available for registering non-conformities. These fields contain the following info:
Short title
Discovered by
Discovered date
Who is closing
Notification method
Write a short title regarding the discovered non-conformity
Choose the name of the co-worker that discovered the non-conformity. Choose from the scroll-menu
Write down the date the non-conformity was discovered
This is the person that will be responsible for implementing relevant actions to correct the non-conformity
This is the person that should be responsible for closing the non-conformity when the relevant issues have been adressed
Here you can select the way in which you want the responsible person to be notified. The options are either in Moment (through the notification bell), by Moment Mobile (App), by e-mail (as registered in Moment)

Follow-up tasks

To really get a coherent Quality environment in Moment, it is strongly suggested to register and use tasks in Moment. You can read more about tasks here. From non-conformities you can also register follow-up tasks that can be assigned to specific co-workers in order address issues related to the non-conformities:
It is important to note from the picture above, that you can select either to create a new task, select an existing task or choose a task from a project template. You can read more about project templates here.
You can also create custom tags to categorize your non-conformities. Read more in this article.