To use the HR module there are a few steps to configure.

Enable HR

To enable the HR module, activate this as a module under Setup/Settings/General page, in the Modules section.

Access control

Add HR to the group of users that should have this access
Select the node that the group should have access to
View HR tab
Required to be able to see the tab HR on the resource page
Administer HR
Give access to make changes on the HR tab
Available for HR tasks
Adds resources to the list of users that can get an approver role


Each of the approval roles can be activated separately. This means that one does not need to use HR for all approval.

Time registrations

Select to use HR time registration approver in the Setup/Settings/General page, in the Time records section


Select to use HR absence approver in the Setup/Settings/General page, in the absence entries section


Select to use HR travel and expense approver in the Setup/Travel & Expense/Settings page.
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