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Using the Resource Planner

The resource planner is a new addition to Moment that allows for the possibility to book hours reservations on co-workers in an easy manner in conjunction with reservations and the project plan.

This means that when you reserve hours on a co-worker through the resource planner, these hours will be updated both in the Project Plan and the Reservations

Adding a reservation is very simple. In the bottom right of the quadrant that corresponds to each week, you will be able to see the amount of hours that are available for the co-worker. This number depends on the schedule and on the amount of reserved hours that are already present. Each reservation for the specific week will already be graphically displayed in the quadrant by a specific color. Each project will have its own unique color.

If a co-worker is already booked, the amount of hours available will be displayed in red, with a minus sign in front:

You can also use a simple filtering selection that will allow you narrow down the amount of data displayed in the resource planner:

You can also plan for several weeks ahead by using the date-range box on the top left corner, here you can choose to display several months at the time

Adding a reservation in the resource planner is very simple. Scroll down to the co-worker you wish to plan hours for , choose the project, activity and week. You can also choose a date range for which period you want to add reservations for.

Effects on Project Plan and Reservations

As mentioned earlier in this article. Hours reservations created on the Resource Planner will be fed back into the Project plan. If we take the example above, we can have a look at how the project plan for the project looks like:

Here we can see that the planned hours have been added to the project plan in the corresponding week.

The reservations page has also been updated with the hours we planned

It is also well worth noting that changes made in the project plan also feed back to the resource planner.

Other features

If the company admin has registered company holidays/national holidays in the timesheet for everyone, then these company holidays will have an effect on the total amount of available hours. An example:

A normal schedule would include 37 hours in a work-week. However, because we have registered two days as company holidays, then these days are represented as "Holidays" and are removed from the total amount of available hours for that week.