Access control (Beta)

Role based access control for company and projects

Access Control (BETA)

Please be aware that this module is still in Beta. Although most of the bugs have been fixed and the core functionality is defined, this module will still be subject to changes in the future. We do however, recommend companies to migrate to this setup, as we will be removing the old access control at some point soon.

The access control page is used to define access roles. There are two sets of roles: One for the company level insight, and one for project level insight.

A co-workers access can therefore be tailored to your companies needs and easily given to multiple people. For example, if you need a role for special consultants, who need access to creating offers, but should otherwise not have any more company insight than other employees, then you could create a offers administration role for those users.

To activate the Access Control module, navigate to Setup > Access control, and press the activate button:


Be aware that the old and new access control systems work independent of each other. If you activate the new module, the old one will be deactivated (it will show as inactive) and all the settings from the old one will be saved. If you wish to revert back to the old access control system, you can do so safely and keep all the custom settings for each user.

Once activated Moment will offer a set of roles based on what permissions your employees have already, in addition to two standard project level roles:

You can click on "permissions" on each of them to examine what exact permissions the users will get.

By clicking edit you will be able to select the different access options. By doing this you will be able to tailor the access to the specific role for the co-worker.

To enable the new access role on the co-workers page, open up the co-workers tab and you will see that the setting is enabled on the co-workers page. Just choose the default role, or any other that you have created:

To set access role on projects, go to Setup > Project roles and designate the role there:

To see an explanation of what each access role does, please refer to the next article (Settings for Role Based Access Control (Beta)