This feature is only enabled for customers that subscribe to Moment Essential and above.
Tasks in Moment can be used to define certain objectives or necessary steps within a project then what is possible with actvitites. For a general overview of functionality of tasks in Moment, you can see this video:
The possibilities are many. In this article we will first give a general overview of how to set up tasks and how to use them in a workflow. The second part of the article will deal with how you can allocate resources using tasks.

General overview

In order to use tasks you will have to enable them in your company settings. Go to Setup > Settings > General > Modules. Tick the box for "Tasks"
This will enable a new tab in your Moment called "tasks".
Fom this window you will be able to create, assign and move around tasks. First you need to create a task. Click "new task". This will give you the following window:
When you choose a project Moment will add existent project member. You can also assign the task to new co-workers and add them as project members if you wish. You will have to add an activity that this task will be a part of.
Once the task has been created you will be able to see in the tasks overview which has a standard board view by default.
The fields with the blue plus icon come from the standard view for tasks in Moment. By default this is set to be based in the creation/overdue date.
Alternatively, You can also choose a tag group that you can use. The tags and activities can be used to organize the tasks view. In order for the tag group correctly, you need to tag your different tasks. Once this is done, click in tag group in the tab "standard view". As the task progresses through its life cycle, you can move it from tag to tag much like you can in other programs that use Kanban views such as Trello.

Task settings and options

Customer Requests
Task Description
Add a comment
A task can be a part of one or several task groups. You can add additional tasks from either the board view or the task itself
You can attach a customer request to a task. This could be some extra work that has to be done, or a service that needs to be provided. Maybe a support request or something similar. Information about the customer can the request can be added when you click "New Request"
If you have the Quality Management module enabled under general settings in Moment, you will have the ability to attach pre-made checklists to the task
Here you can add a description about the task. This could include possible challenges, resources that might need to be allocated and the purpose of the task.
This feature allows you to write a comment in the task. When the task is updated with a comment, the task asignees will receive a notification per e-mail regarding the comment and a link to the task in Moment.

Planning with tasks

Tasks in Moment allow you to plan your work within a project in easily manageable parts. By creating a task you can reserve and plan you own or your co-workers time. By going to Tasks > Planning you will see an overview of available tasks on the right side, and on the left side you will see a list of co-workers and their weekly schedule. You can then choose a task from the right side and drag it towards the day in which you want them to start working with the task. You will then get an option to choose the amount of hours allocated to the co-worker and the frequency. In this case we choose to allocate from a date to another.
The co-workers can see the hours allocations you have given them in their own calendars in Moment. They can see their calendar in My Pages > Tasks > Calendar
In the screenshot above you will see the task allocation for each day, one hour has been allocated.
The co-worker can now register hours directly from their calendar if they want to:
These hours will update the co-workers timesheet also.
Going back to the project plan you will be able to see that the three hours logged by the co-worker actually have updated the status of the tasks progression:

How do tasks work with the reservations and the project plan?

If you go to Setup > Settings > General > Tasks you will see these options:
By enabling these, you will allow for the hours allocated while you plan with your tasks (see description in the section above) to update the project plan, and hence also reservations.
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