Invoice sales
Moment offers invoice sales through our partner Aprila Bank. This is a service available for Norwegian companies with a registered organization number.
When you finalize your invoice, you get the option to: 1) Get started with invoice sales 2) Sell and send your invoice If you do not want to get questions about invoice sales, you can turn off in Setup > Settings > Invoicing (look for invoice sales).

1. Get started with invoice sales

When you finalize an invoice, you will get the option to get started with Aprila invoice sales.
This happens when you click the "Getting-started-link":
  • A request is sent to Aprila. The request includes your organization number. There will be an initial check. If you are pre-qualified, a new link will appear. Go to next step.
  • By clicking the new link (if pre-qualification gave positive result), you will get redirected to Aprila Bank (opens in new page).
  • In Aprila Bank website you will be asked to fill out an application. In the end of the application process you need to authenticate by BankId. You need to have legal authority for the company in order to sign the application.
  • As soon as you complete the application and accepts Aprila's terms and conditions, Moment will upload a set of historical invoicing data to Aprila. This is necessary in order to let Aprila run their analysis and decide the outcome of the application and decide the invoicing sale limits.
  • The person that applied for the customer relationsship will get notified by email within the next working day. If the application is approved, you can move to step 2.
  • If you get rejected, it be might of one or more reasons:
Aprila Fakturasalg er avviklet for din bedrift
Aprila Fakturasalg er midlertidig stanset for din bedrift
Aprila kan for øyeblikket ikke kjøpe faktura på denne kunden.
Fakturagrunnlaget godtas ikke av Aprila

2. Sell and send your invoice

  • When finalizing an invoice, you will get the option to sell the invoice. The offer displayed in the box (see screenshot) is a result of an online analysis based on your company's invoicing history and your customer's invoicing history and financial records.
  • Sometimes, the request for invoice sale is rejected. This could caused by one or more reasons:
Aprila kan ikke kjøpe faktura på denne kunden
Aprila vurderer kunderisiko som for høy på dette tidspunktet
Beløpet overstiger din bedrifts beløpsgrenser
Fakturaen overstiger din bedrifts beløpsgrense
Aprila kan ikke kjøpe denne fakturaen
  • When the invoice is sold, it cannot be sold again.
  • You can sell the invoice without sending it. We recommend that you send it as soon as possible. You send the invoice in the same way as before, from Moment.
  • A finalized and sold invoice will contain the following changes (visible in the pdf that goes to the customer). These changes are also taken care of in the e-invoice.
    • KID number generated from Aprila
    • Bank accout number from Aprila
    • Invoice text from Aprila will be added before your standard invoice text (if you have any)
    • Standard invoice footer text will be removed

3. What happens next

  • The invoice is sent as normal from Moment, but with the changes (in pdf and e-invoice) as described in point 2.
  • Aprila transfers the agreed amount to your business bank account within the next working day. The receipt will be available in Moment, under Invoice > Payments.
  • The cost of the invoice sale, will be registered as a separate post in Moment. This will be visible in the invoice report.
  • As a future improvement, Moment will handle these costs as a separate posting when it comes to integrations to your accounting system. For now, you need to handle these costs manually in your accounting system.
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1. Get started with invoice sales
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