Next add a tag for each co-worker that is a part of the continuing education system. This will be used to decide who will accrue funds.
When tags have been added, go to https://app.moment.team/settings/absenceSetup/accrualSetup and setup
Setup page
User group
Pool type
Which group of users (tag) will receive funds each months for. You can see a list of which users are tagged easily in the user column.
Create a rule that only applies to one co-worker specifically separate from the rules for that tag.
Frequency is always last day in the previous month (31st of january, 28/29th of february, and so on). Accrued per frequency is the monthly amount added to the specified pool. Accrued amount is used when there is a break in the users schedule or in the accrual setup.
From to dates that the accrual rule (line) will apply to
Which pool the accrual rule will add funds to (Common pool for that tag, otherwise user)
Once the accrual rules have been setup, you can run the historical rules if needed here: https://app.moment.team/settings/admin#Co-workers
Adding funds that should be accrued since 2021 manually


The next step in setting up is adding the absence types that will be used to deduct (spend) funds from each pool type in https://app.moment.team/settings/absenceSetup
Choose the absence type category employees education. The choices for deciding how many percent will deduct from individual pool vs. common pool (So 100% for deducting only from individual pool, 0% for only deducting from common pool).
If one wants to use their banked hours for continuing education, the "deductible from banked hours" checkbox should be added
The last step for setup for registering continuing education absence, is adding an hourly rate under each co-worker > Settings > Hourly rate. Alternatively one can batch update the rate using the "update several hourly rates at once" feature in the co-worker overview.
Adding the rate used for continuing education (Hourly wage rate + pension)


Expenses will be based on the current travel and expense module. More information about setup will be added here soon.