Addition of speech bubbles under co-workers settings page → hourly rates

Published 14.09.2021
To improve your user experience we have now added tool tip also known as "speech bubbles" that appear next to columns under a co-worker's settings page → hourly rates. The newly added
icons enable you to read explanations of the differents options available when you scroll through the hourly rates menu under a respective co-worker. These speech bubbles appear when you move your cursor above the question mark icons. An explanation will then appear containing a brief description of the column beneath.
The speech bubbles appear as shown above when you scroll through the menu
This new feature allows you to differentiate between the different types of hourly rates that can be added or edited under a co-worker profile in Moment and therefore provides a better understanding of the available alternatives to you as a user.
Example of a Speech bubble
To read about some of the features that are available under the hourly rates page, click here